Meet Our 2018-2019 Officers

The Council is governed by elected officers that form the Executive Committee. The members of the committee include the president, a vice president/president-elect, secretary, and treasurer. When possible, the immediate past president is also asked to sit on the executive committee.

The council meets twice each year, once during the spring semester and once during the fall semester. The spring meeting is planned as a conference for graduate administrators and staff. The annual business meeting is held during the spring conference. The fall meeting allows administrators to carry forward the work initiated by the Council.

President: Lisa Armistead, Ph.D. Associate Provost for Graduate Programs Professor of Psychology Georgia State University

Vice President: Suzanne E. Barbour Dean, University of Georgia Graduate School

Secretary: Nikki C. Palamiotis, M.P.H. Assistant Dean for Graduate Students Kennesaw State University

Treasurer: Gale Hansen Starich, Ph.D., FACN Dean – Sidney O. Smith, Jr. Graduate School and Ivester College of Health Sciences, Professor of Biochemistry Brenau University

Communication: Dorienne Neptune, MA Project Coordinator - Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Programs Georgia State University

GCGS Past Presidents

2017-2018 Loretta A. Clayton, Ph.D. Director of Graduate Student Policy and Support Associate Professor of English Middle Georgia State University

2016-2017 Leslie N. Sharp, Ph.D. Associate Vice Provost Graduate Education and Faculty Development Georgia Institute of Technology